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Is anything known about the existence from the actual Slayer pinball machine?

Little is known, to say nothing. We have searched, and we have not found any information about it. Yes, on the official YouTube channel of Slayer, there is a small arcade machine with a virtual pinball arcade game, to which only they have access

Currently, it can be played through Apple iOs. The game is called Pinball Rocks, an application developed by Columbian Records, Sony Music Entertainment and Gameprom. Pinball Rocks is known for its art of making virtual pinball machines from the most influential metal bands in history

During the development of the game, pieces of the most significant melodies of the group can be played. It also has pieces of the voices of each of the representatives of the group. You have it available in the App Store for 2.99 dollars. Click the following link (Apple link) to enjoy it

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Is there any chance to find a real Slayer pinball machine for sale?

Stern is on the prowl, but the truth is that today we have no information about it. Because we maintain ties with, any news you want to discover will be easy: you just have to click on this other link

If you go to Google, you will see appearing. We, who are experts in search engines, can tell you that it does not appear there by chance: there are many people who search for slayer pinball machine, followed by Stern, which is a clear sign that we are right in what we said. top

Any news about it, will be there to tell you about it! By the way, this version of Slayer pinball Arcade is not available for the Android Play Store. What the fuck 😔!