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1. Sega’s real pinball machines with films’s thematic for sale

Sega’s real pinball machines with sci-fi genre films thematic for sale

Sega’s real pinball machines with action genre films thematic for sale

2. Sega’s real pinball machines with series thematic for sale

Sega’s real pinball machines with action genre series thematic for sale

3. Sega’s real pinball machines with cartoons thematic for sale

In what year was the Sega company manufactured?

In 1994

Which company gave birth to Sega?

Data East. Until 1994, it was one of the most established pin manufacturing companies on the market

When he finished his pinball division, he decided to sell it to Sega, which stopped pinball machine production in 1978

When did the production of pinball machines by the Sega company end?

Late 1999

What happened to Sega after 1999?

After the closure of production, Sega decided to hand over the rights to Gary Stern, co-founder of Stern Electronics along with his father, Sam Stern

Gary led Data East in pin manufacturing, which started from 1994. That’s why Sega handed over the rights to Son of Sam

What 2 novelties did Sega introduce in its pinball machine models?

The inclusion of a DMD panel

In his Baywatch model, one of the plots of the time

13 pinball balls in play on the playfield

In its Apollo 13 range

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