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Scooby Doo pinball machine virtual reality

Is there any news if the real Scooby Doo pinball machine is going to be released soon?

There is no information about it. Just user speculation at forum dedicated to the Scooby Doo pinball machine. Digging a little deeper into the matter, there are three possible manufacturers that can sell this model of pinball machine:

Spooky Pinball, Stern Pinball and Jersey Jack Pinball. All three are very active in acquiring licenses to impregnate them in their pinball machines. From, we can say two things about why the Scooby Doo range of pinball machines has not been produced yet:

One cause may be that the owners of the series have denied it because they have an agreement with any of the other brands that we did not name. There is no possible source for you to see this rumor, it is just a thought in the greatest logic

The other may be that some fringes have simply not been closed, preventing the acquisition of the license. Since we don’t want to create a stir, we just invite you to wait a little longer. At any moment, any real news we will be putting it in the article.

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The 6 Features of the Scooby Doo’s pinball machine tabletop

– 4 flippers

– 1 pop bumper

– 3 stand-up targets

– 1 vertical up-kicker

– Manual dot marker

– 3 shortcuts

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Will I be able to buy my real Scooby Doo pinball machine in your online store?

Yeeeeahhhh! Of course. We love to tell you about all the pins that exist, that have never existed and that will soon exist. We are aware that there is demand for certain models of pinball machines that are still, inexplicably, not licensed

The clear example is Scooby Doo, a series that a member of our team loved when he was little. So imagine, I would be delighted if a range of pinball from this mythical animated series appeared on the market

How much could this pinball cost? We don’t know, but if it’s released as a limited edition, it could probably cost close to ten thousand dollars, but don’t make us too much case

Thanks to the fact that we are in permanent contact with the pinsiders forum, with, eBay and the different manufacturers, on our online site you will be at the forefront to find out about all the news that arise with respect to this model

And, of course, you will have the most expected: a guaranteed stock, with several online stores at your fingertips, so you don’t have to wait months longer to make your purchase