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Current news about the upcoming Queen pinball machine

It is known that this range of pinball has been bought by The Pinball Brother. This company has an exclusive store in London, and as you can see from the video thumbnail, it is expected to go on sale soon

Do you see the small screen in the bottom center of the scoreboard? There you can see real images of Queen concerts

What a treat to tell this! One of the biggest needed to have a pinball that lives up to what it is, a legend. The purchase by the company has not always been like this

Heighway Pinball had originally obtained the license, but eventually lost it and was given the design by Barry Ousler. This was because he was one of the main shareholders of the company

It’s going to hit the market, it’s a fact. And if not, read this Forbes story. All information has been extracted from this article, which a pinsider wrote to us on the Queen pinball machine

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You have to know something: when Queen’s pinball machine goes on sale, will give you everything to buy it!

Everything you need to buy it, we will be at the forefront to tell you about it. As a release date, based on rumours, it is expected to be in July 2022, although you already know that these dates may vary due to last-minute unforeseen events

Two main stores will be the one we will use so you can buy your Queen pinball machine: and Gameroomcompany offers service in Great Britain, which as you can imagine, they will be the first to enjoy it. How lucky for you!

How long will it take to reach the US and the rest of the world? This is another question that our customers have asked us. The million dollar question… We wouldn’t know what to answer you, it will depend a lot on how the company brings it to the market:

It won’t be the same if they release it in a limited edition as if they sell it en masse, and because of the singer he represents, everything points to a limited edition, but hopefully that’s not the case. As soon as we have news, we will notify you. Write us and we’ll take care of the rest 😉