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Why hasn’t a real Motley Crue pinball machine been developed until now?

Problems of illegitimately taking over the rights that represented Crüe Ball. Given this, SEGA Genesis did not sit idly by, aware that many people were interested and continue to be interested in this plot, they released the Crüe Ball virtual pinball. The year of its patent was in 1992 and published by Electronic Arts

The game producer, at first, tried to name this pinball in another way. That name was Headbangers Ball, but MTV did not accept it, again, due to license issues

The design of the game was carried out by Mark Sprenger and Brian Schmidt. Among the attributions of this arcade pinball, it received the “Sega Seal of Quality” award, as the pinball with the best sound

Curiosities: this virtual model of pinball machine was very sold in Japan, one of the pioneer countries in establishing arcades. The game went on sale on eBay back in 2008, in the first years of’s prominence on the network

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At what price does sell the Motley Crue Ball pinball computer game?

Its current price is $74.99. The home delivery is free and you have a right to consent for 30 days. This consent is that, if for whatever reason, the game does not satisfy you, you can fully recover your money

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Is it possible that the Motley Crüe Ball pinball machine will go on sale? It is possible, of course. What we cannot assure you, for now, and 100%, is whether or not it will go on sale. We’d love to say that Crüe Ball comes in steamroller mode, but the reality is quite different

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