Legends Pinball Machine AtGames (Virtual)

Legends pinball machine review!

What incredible novelties does the Legends pinball machine bring us?

Thank you, thank you for giving us the possibility to play virtually with other connected pinball players from a real pinball machine!

After ceasing to be poetic, this model has been the first in history to incorporate a network connection system, similar to what can be done in Fut Champions, in Fortnite or in Call Of Duty: play a game from the same playing field

Its playing field has been like the digital panel that until now we have seen in virtual pinball games on different websites and to download as Windows files

These are the 10 Most Spectacular Features of the Legends pinball machine:

– Share Screen Party Play, various pinball players can interact with them

– 22 built-in licensed arcade pinball games (expandable)

– 32-inch HD LCD playing field

– 15.6-inch LCD rear glass

– D-pad, a controller for easy menu navigation and console gaming

– Possibility to play in panoramic mode (horizontal) or in social media mode (vertical)

– USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth support

– Low latency

– HDMI connection

– Immersive stereo sound

– Dimensions: 60″ deep, 22″ wide and 44″ high

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Best Offer Legends pinball machine at

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Because we collaborate with the 2 online stores that stock the Legends range of pinball machines: and In any of the three stores, you will have the Legends pinball machine for sale. On the official website,, when you buy, you will go in just a few seconds, to, which is their official website to make any purchase of their range of products

By clicking here, you will access the place that interested. That link will take you to, and there you will find its entire catalog of products, in which your object of desire stands out. The current price of the Legends pinball machine on is $749. From time to time, a discount is usually applied. Right now, that promotion is applied

In standard prices, without discounts or anything like that, it is 899 dollars. Once you click “Finish order”, you will go to a section where you will have to fill in the typical data such as e-mail, names and surnames, telephone number, residence address, your country, region and town of that region. AtGames only ships to the US and Canada

IMPORTANT: The shipping cost of this model to any of the states of the USA and Canada is 100 dollars, and the delivery to the address takes between 5 and 8 weeks, which has been between one and two months. At, the value of the Legends pinball machine is 699 dollars, with the cost of free shipping if you are part of Samsclub Plus, and a delivery delay of between 3 and 4 weeks