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Houdini pinball machine review!

When was the Houdini pinball machine invented?

In October 1917 and the manufacturer of it was American Pinball. The number of units sold is unknown. AE decided to keep it hidden. What is known is that its average value was around 5000-6000 dollars

Who was responsible for its design? In the first instance, we had Joe Balcer, who dominated the design of the game, Jim Thornton who dominated the mechanics

To Josh Kugler, who dominated the programming, to Jeff Bush, who dominated the work of art, to Ish Raneses, who dominated the animation, and the sound, that dominated Matt Kern

What was the pinball body size like? Normal. Without a doubt, the pattern that this pinball has is one of the most striking on the market. Houdini’s silhouette on the sides and an extrovert coating throughout the sketch

These were some rules of the game: 5 multiballs, 10 scenario modes incl. Straight Jacket Multiball, 3 Wizard Modes, 1 Master Wizard Mode, 5 Secret Mission Combo Modes, 5 Houdini Silent Movie Modes, 5 Jail Break Rush, 1 Video Mode and a Milkcan Playfield Multiplier

The marketing slogan used in this pinball was the following: “Bazinga”

The Features Houdini’s pinball machine

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 2 slingshots

– 6 stereo speakers

– 1 ramp

– 3 magnets

– 2 catapults

– 2 theater spotlights

– Multi-balls up to 6

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Do I have more online stores available to buy my Houdini pinball machine?

In addition to the one mentioned above, you can buy Houdini’s pinball machine at The price of this model is 6,350 dollars, referring to this store, including shipping taxes and VAT. If you are going to reserve it, the cost goes up 1000 dollars mores. On the other hand, if you decide to go to buy it on the american-pinball website, depending on the US state in which you live, it will show you a spread so you can select Texas, Arizona, New Orleans, etc

It will give you back those arcade stores where they sell the Houdini range of pinball machines. Needless to say, both stores offer a new Houdini pinball machine. gives you the option of the “cheapest” pinball machine, very quoted, because the price less than 1500 dollars does not go down

Which store do we base this conclusion on? On Here, you will be able to find used Houdini pinball machines for sale. The bad thing about these websites is that you will not have such a wide guarantee, but you will be able to save a few dollars. You already decide. We give you all the alternatives so you can find the largest possible stock of Houdini pinball machine models 😉