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How did the Hot Wheels pinball machine originate?

Anyone who has never had a Hot Wheel at home, raise your hand!… Even one of our team, who is in charge of writing the pinballs, has had one at home. Now, he’s dying of envy, I’m dying of envy, hehe! Responding to the header, the manufacture of it is relatively close (as of the date we write this): from March 2021

As for the number of units, we cannot give you an exact number, since they sell like hot cakes every day that passes. Now, the beginnings of him were not somewhat easy. Remember, 2021, the virus… Well, you know what we’re talking about, that’s what television is for. Many users had a common problem: inflation was getting higher and higher

That could portend that the number of units sold, so far, is not what was expected, but since this is not always going to be the case, and the weight that Hot Wheels has, nobody can lose out. Its manufacturer has the American Pinball seal

With over 5 billion Hot Wheels cars sold, how can you lose? In terms of design, it was copied by Joe Balcer, programming by Joe Schober and Josh Kugler, artwork by Jeff Bush, animation by Ish Raneses and Mark Raneses, and sound by Matt Kern

Its estimated value is between 5,500 and 6,500 dollars and the marketing slogan used is “Challenge accepted!”

These are the 11 Features Hot Wheels’s pinball machine:

– 2 flippers

– 3 pop bumpers

– 2 ramps with translucent colors in orange and blue

– 2 slingshots

– 15 stand-up targets

– 2 drop targets

– 2 spinning targets

– 1 magnet

– 1 return lane

– 1 vertical up-kicker

– Multi-balls up to 6

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Do I have my Hot Wheels pinball machine for sale in more online stores?

Sure! You have eBay, which is the main store with which we collaborate to offer the pinball machines of their favorite range to all our pinball fans. Our recommendation, if you want it now and don’t want to wait a few weeks or months, is to go to Why? They, depending on where you live, show you a breakdown of all the states of the USA

Automatically, you will be able to see if the locality where you are or close to it, has or not in stock the Hot Wheels pinball machine. We prefer to lose ourselves, since with eBay it rewards us financially for sending customers, than for you to be left without your pinball machine, even if it’s only for a few days

It may be the case that it is not available in your area, you have to go to another state and you need a special means of transportation, having to rent it if you do not have any family member or someone you trust I can leave it to you

The Hot Wheels pinball machine models sold on eBay are offered to the public around a price of 5500-4500 dollars, and are of the used range. Any questions, contact us!