Harry Potter Pinball Machine

Is this the real pinball machine from Harry Potter?

The truth is that you don’t… Read the following

Looking around the forum dedicated to possible real Harry Potter pinball machine, Panzer Freak, a pinsider, discovered a photo worth gold. In said photo, you can see Jody, Keith and George

These three characters are workers at Stern Pinball. What would the 3 of them do traveling to the Harry Potter theme park? Doesn’t that seem like too much of a coincidence? Everything was in that photo, and little else was wise until then

The reason for not producing a Harry Potter range of pinball machines, soaking up what Internet users say in the forum, could be due to the high value of acquiring your license, that some users even dare to give a figure: one million euros, wow!

Other people point out that JJC (Jersey Jack Pinball), will take the cat to the water. Precisely, this brand is one of the most advanced when it comes to buying a high-value license. For now, you have to settle for this pinball that you can see in the following video:

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If the Harry Potter pinball machine goes for sale soon, rest assured that will be there to tell you about it!

More than to tell you about it, to show you the product first from this specific section of our online store. You don’t know how sad it makes us to get here and not have a photo of that Harry Potter pinball machine among a tangle of text. A literary series that has reached our cinemas, how is it possible that one has not yet been generated?

We are going to make all the pinballers go out into the streets, demonstrate and Stern or whoever, once and for all, bring that pinball that we want so much. Let’s see, go out into the street but without disturbing public order. We are going to do the act by sending non-stop messages to the contact form. Let them know what stake we are made of 💪!