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Dragon Ball Z pinball machine review

What is Do you know about the history of the Dragon Ball Z pinball machine?

The manufacturer is not clear what it is. The truth is that these models have rarely been magnified by a large pinball machine. All the models that have been sold, which until now have been few, have been like tabletop type pinball machines, which are intended for use by children

We, digging a little more on the internet, have come to our own conclusion:

Dragon Ball Z is surely the cartoon that has moved the most borders, the one that has reached the most in different countries. Many people take advantage of this, and what they do is build their own pinball machine with figures of all the mythical characters of Dragon Ball Z, to later sell it to the market

All rights reserved for this series, aware of this, and more from countries as strict as Japan, or its neighbor China, led to the conclusion that machines could not be developed Dragon Ball Z pinball, at least not as you expect, with its particular rails, the sound of the transformation into Super Saiye and other epic moments of the series

The ones that have abounded the most throughout history are those pinballs made of plastic, with round-type bumpers and a couple of ramps to get extra scores. For the rest, little or nothing is known. The most logical idea is that Japan prohibited the construction of this pinball by owning the pinball themselves, so nothing could be done about it

Characteristics of the Dragon Ball Z miniature pinball machine miniature

– 2 flippers

– 2 pop bumpers

– 2 ramps

– 1 slingshot

– 2 extra balls

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PS: There may be an alternative, as an arcade machine, with Dragon Ball Z prints, but to play pinball in digital mode, with a cost close to 100 dollars. It is rarely like that

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