Black Sabbath Pinball Machine

Gameplay of the Black Sabbath virtual pinball machine

Does the real Black Sabbath pinball machine exist?

It just annoys us that the pinball machines of all the rock bands are not made, no matter how well or little known they are. According to the information extracted from the forum dedicated on to the pinball of the rock group Black Sabbath, no news about it

A general opinion that is repeated is that coexisting with other better-known rock bands that are active, neither Stern nor JJP have deigned to bring this type of pinball machine to their theaters

That may be the main cause: the removal of the Black Sabbath scenarios. But, we insist on the same thing, there are no excuses

Stern Pinball, it’s time for you to get your act together and don’t leave our sabbathers two candles. Here’s what could be the Black Sabbath range of pinball machines. This will take you to Pinterest

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Black Sabbath pinball machine | IPDB

The million dollar question: Will we have the Black Sabbath pinball machine for sale?

There are not even rumors like we do have in Harry Potter or more pinball machines coming in the future. Having done a Google search, we have seen two things that perhaps a future augur will anticipate:

Stern and eBay appear. These two companies go hand in hand. What sells on Stern usually sells on

We have talked about all kinds of pinball, that they exist, that they do not exist, that there are rumors about their manufacture, and we can tell you that the possibility, even if it is tiny, is there

We think it will depend on whether the group is active again. That may be the key to the matter

Whatever it is, we’ll let you know about any news and you’ll be able to buy your Black Sabbath pinball machine at, before any other store. We will be in permanent contact with Pinside, Stern and eBay, to provide you with the best possible information