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1. Atari’s real pinball machines with characters’s thematic for sale

Atari’s real pinball machines with sci-fi characters’s thematic for sale

When did the Atari company pinball machine division start?

In 1973

What other company helped Atari develop and market the few pinball machines it put out?

Kee Games

Why did Atari make few pinball machine models?

Atari did not have a specific section for developing pin. Kee Games was the one who helped him open that division, who made a large part of the investment

But something happened with Kee Games, what exactly happened?

Kee Games disbanded in 1978…

…And Atari did not decide to worry much, since it was focused on continuing with the development of video games, which at the time dominated along with the other mythical brand in charge of developing video games: Data East

Did you know that Atari holds the record for developing the largest pinball machine in history?

And it has names and surnames: the Hercules range of pins

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